India's One & only Water Mist Fire Safety for buidings.
"Swadeshi" has been manufacturing high-quality fire fighting pumps and equipments since 1977. Our brand name "Swadeshi" is associated with quality and innovative technologies for fire safety. Right from the procurement of the materials to the finished products, all the processes (machining, fitting, testing etc.) are carried out with great skill, precision and accuracy; adhering to the highest standards of quality. "Swadeshi" is a trusted and reliable brand in the market and we at Swadeshi relentlessly pursue the goal of providing goods and services which conform to international standards of cost & quality.
We specialize in:

• Water Mist Fire Safety for buildings.
• Pumps with capacity of 275 to 15000 lpm.
• Fire hydrant systems for high rise buildings.
• Fire safety equipments like Hose Reel, Nozzles, Monitors, PTO etc.
• Light weight Generators.
• Portable and Mobile Light Mast.
• Al Ladders and Hydraulic Lifts.
• Investment Castings (Aluminum Bronze, S.S., Phosphor Bronze etc.)